3rd Force Amp Amp Craig Chaquico mp3

Download free 3rd Force Amp Amp Craig Chaquico mp3

Carvin Bolt Plus & V3 Amp.mp3

Here's Me At A Carvin Store In California Demoing A Carvin Bolt Plus Guitar & V3 Amp.


Matrix - Blue Universe Video.mp3

Song Matrix, From First CD Of Blue Universe "Between Sleep And Wakefulness". CD From 2001, Video Filmed On February 2002.


Felippe Assis - Impro. For Luke.mp3

Guitar: Music Man Luke 1996 Pre Amp: Marshall JMP-1 Effects: TC Electronic Rocktron Intellifex LTD Pawer Amp: ADA MicroTube 100 Cabinet: Marshall JCM ...


Jaez - Metal Method Guitar Styles - Ozzy Riffs.mp3

Metal Method Guitar Styles 1 DVD Ozzy Guitar Style Exercises, 1,2,3,4,5,6 Out Of 20 This Is A Great DVD To Learn Some Of Ozzy's Cool Riffs.


Javier Lima Guitar Solo.mp3

Javier Lima Guitar Solo From Sebastian Sidi PBS Concert Live At OC Pavillion.


Felippe Assis - I'll See You In My Dreams Solo - Dann Huff.mp3

Dann "Master" Huff Solo From Album "Last Of The Runaways" 1989 - Giant I Used My Music Man Luke 1996 And My Rack With Marshall Pre Amp JMP-1, TC ...


F - 22 Riders On The Storm.mov.mp3

Test Flight Of My New "Five Easy Piece" F-22v2 Raptor With 3DD Fuselage Flying Even As Raindrops Began To Fall.